Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life in Kathmandu and trip to Dudehunua

There is always something in Kathmandu to take pictures of. It amazes me how these people use their resources for entertainment and work, building and whatever. We take so much for granted in the U.S. running water, electricity, nice paved roads, only going shopping once a week if we so desire and the list goes on and on. It is an awesome experience to live here and watch these people survive and thrive and how attitude goes a long ways. Most of them seem happy, kind, helpful and humble. A few traits we all need to develop.

Men playing a game, using rocks. All the people here
learn how to squat early in life. I last about 30 seconds. They
can squat all day.

woman carrying a heavy load.

Sharing the sidewalk with the sacred cows.  Umbrellas keep the
sun off as well as the rain.

School  class. The children learn to do and say Nameste
pretty young. The kids are so cute.

This was on our way to Dudhekunua. It is a kind of a ferris wheel.
They connect seats to it and give the children rides during festival
time. They are creative.

Mike, Betty, and water committee members checking
out the work being done on the water project. It was
a sunny day, hence the need for the umbrella.
Water users committee meeting at Dudhekunua.

Old bio-digester. They put cow dung in it and water and stir. It creates
methane gas that is piped to their home to use to cook. This
one was no longer working. LDSC is helping to provide
new ones in some areas of Nepal.

They actually had a backhoe to dig out the spots for the tanks.
I think it would take too long by hand and the monsoons
will be here soon.

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