Monday, April 28, 2014

Besishahar and Sundarbazar Trip Jan15,16, 2014

We went to Besishahar to see how the water tank project was progressing and then the next day we went to Sundarbazar to do an evaluation on the water project there. We do 6 month and then 12 month evaluations before we can close the project. It was beautiful country and always something new to see.

The process of drying the grain after the harvest. Put it in the sun

This lady was getting her hair dyed outside of
the restaurant and hotel we ate lunch at

stone path to get up to the water tank at Besishahar

terraces and colorful house along the pathway to the water tank

water tank progress and Mike in his new winter hat.
The water committee presented us with leis of marigolds

Gateway Hotel, where we stayed the night in Besishahar.
Not too bad.
First time I've ever seen rice patties.

momma and baby goats. Those baby animals are so cute!

Chandra Adhikari(a water monitor) with Sister Wasuita
small water tank at Sundarbazar
Another water tank at Sundarbazar
that is the LDSC logo on the tank
Not enough room in the bus, ride on top.
Not me!
River with huge boulders

Plowing the fields. Glad this is not my job.

Another first. We stopped along the road and bought sugar
cane to chew on. It was pretty tasty but made your jaws
hurt after a while.  The man on the left is our jeep driver.
The girl was selling the sugarcane.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Leprosy is still a real ongoing disease in Nepal. When we go shopping and cross over the road on a pedestrian bridge there are usually people sitting on the steps who have leprosy and are begging for money.  It is a sad situation. I will also post more interesting pictures of random things in Kathmandu.

man with leprosy

man with leprosy


Rukmina(our house cleaner and friend) and me shopping at Auson Bazaar

Fresh fish market. Mostly Basa fish. We don't buy meat at
the open markets. too dangerous
repairing shoes along side the road

little girl trying to wash clothes out on the sidewalk

outside of Kathmandu, woman gathering tree branches
to feed her goats. We call this a walking tree.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life in Kathmandu, Nepal

Just some random pictures of Nepal.

This is how they haul garbage

This is how they get warm in the winter

Nina's Restaurant. Inside or outside. always good food!

carrying produce to sell. background street shops

I think it is a game of badminton.

Always wandering cows in the streets

Dudhekunua 2014

We were invited to an opening ceremony for the Dedhekunua water project. We still do not have the
project approved yet and can not give them money but they wanted to have their ceremony, so we went. They are excited to have water. It was Jan.4, 2014  They were anxious to greet us with leis and treated us like royalty. It was an interesting ceremony. They had someone bless us with tiki twice and bless the ground and do prayers and symbolic ceremony that invites the Hindu Gods to bless this water project.  Afterwards they fed us lunch.

Valley along the way to Dudhekunua

homemade cooking stove at roadside restaurants

man selling warm peanuts at Mugling

weaving sleeping mats out of rice husks Not thick enough for me.

during ceremony


participating in ceremony

lunch after ceremony

bags protect the crops from the cold weather

stopped along the road to buy fire cooked corn. It was not good.
Won't do that one again. Some things you have to try only once.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gong's school painting project

On December 26 and 27 Elder Gong, the Asia Area President, his wife, 4 sons, 1 daughter in law and 3 grandchildren came to do their annual service project. They wanted to paint a mural on 2 walls of a classroom at an elementary school. They wanted the children to help paint and all of us. It was a fun project. We had a special ceremony afterwards and handed out 500 hygiene kits to the school children. The fun never ends. Everyday is a new adventure in Nepal.

Children in the preschool area of the school, which is where
the painting took place.

Children taking naps at school

Gong's had to freehand sketch the animals on the walls.
Talented people.

Children painting

children painting. Elder Gong taking pictures.

children painting

Gongs at ceremony

butterfly almost finished

Sister Gong putting final touches on Rhino

Finished peacock and birds.