Friday, June 20, 2014

Everyday Life in Kathmandu

Here are some random photos of just everyday occurrences and life in Kathmandu.

fresh coconuts for sell. Haven't tried these.

frying roti or bread along the street to sell.

ice cream cones for sale. up and down the street. We need
ice cream when it is hot.

I had a gentleman come to our apartment and
fix the treadle sewing machine I borrowed
from the church. He spent at least an hour
cleaning and working on it. He only charged me about $6
and he  wanted me to say how much. These people
are amazing.

Cute Nepali boys going to play cricket(kind of like baseball
only with a flat bat and the rules are different)

Woman moving sand. Women work physically hard here.

Karate class running. Most every morning you see groups running.
Army, police, and others.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nepalgung HBB March 2014

We were invited to participate and help with HBB. That is Helping Babies Breathe. A training program for nurses, doctors, midwives, and such to help them learn how to resuscitate babies when they are born, thus increasing the mortality rate in Nepal. They have neo natalies (dolls to practice on). It was a good learning experience. Except for the mosquitos which were horrible, it was a good trip. They had a team of Doctors and nurses who came from the U.S. to do the training. They were a fun bunch of people we got to know.

Hindu God (Ganish) at the Nepalgung Airport

Public transportation. There were lots of horses and carts with lots of people
going up and down the main street.
unusual flower. Did not find out the name. Any ideas?

Helping to register participants and make name tags
for them.
practicing on the neo natalie.

Training tables.
Trainers, Drs. LDSC missionaries.

Hindu temple we visited while there

cow wandering at the temple

Hospital we visited while at Nepalgung.