Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Apartment Surroundings

The wires just caught our attention.  You can reach up and touch them much easier to repair that way.  These are the shops that we use for groceries sometimes.  They are close to our apt.  When we first saw them we thought no way.  It's not Smiths or Walmart but really?

power lines like this everywhere

Where we live . Prestige Apts.
Security guards at our apt. bldg.
Dogs! Sleep all day.  Bark all night!
Our local pharmacy. Would probably only buy cough drops here.
our local produce shop

corner grocery where we sometimes buy eggs

Friday, November 1, 2013

First Days in Nepal

First few days were pretty overwhelming. The Rempps tried to take us to meet lots of people we will deal with and places we needed to go like the grocery store(Baht Batini's) and the Bank. Seemed like we were on the go 24/7 and our bodies were still trying to figure out what time it was and why we were not sleeping. Some days I couldn't hold my eyes open.

Raj and Nirmya,Rempps, Wasuitas at Leprosy Clinic

selling their fruits and vegetables and wares along the streets

Narrow streets

street in tourist section Thamel

selling baskets and brooms on a bicycle

Breakfast at Mike's. It was pretty good too!

Drug Bus for the poor

One eyed tractor.trailer behind to pull heavy load

Family water tank and filter

House across the road from where we live

Hong Kong

Downtown Hong Kong from the 46th floor of a plaza building
Drum competition in mall plaza. Very entertaining
Cute kids!

tourist boat in harbor
Hong Kong is a big city with wall to wall big buildings and busy streets and lots of people.
LDS Church Asia Area Offices and chapels.