Monday, October 27, 2014


July 6 and 7th, 2014  Mike went to check out a water project which we are suppose to start in 2015, but which no one had been to the site yet. It is almost to the Tibet border and he didn't know if he would have to hike or if there would be a place to stay the night, so I did not go. Our water monitor for the project Chandra Adhikari went with him and also the director for the partner NGO Hari Dhungana went and a friend of his. They had quite an adventure. Mike came home with blood on his underwear in two places where he had been bitten by leeches. They had bad roads and had to wait while someone winched a vehicle up out of the canyon. The people welcomed him with banners and even gave him 2 authentic hats they wear to bring home.

Landslide across the road

A river along the way

welcome with cottas(scarf) and flowers
the man on the right is Hari Dhungana

Children came too

They should have welcomed LDS Charities not honor
Mr. Elder Wasuita. Somehow they got the
wrong message. I think they were very appreciative
to have someone help them to get water.

waiting while this jeep was winched back up onto the road

looking down at a river in the bottom of the mountains. Parbatakunda
is very high up in the mountains.

muddy mountain roads. what a mess. Only 4 wheel drive
vehicles can go here.

A big track hoe had to pull buses and big trucks through
a deep muddy spot in the road.

A pretty river along the way

winding road to the top of the mountain

A village woman pouring some drinking alcohol in Mike's
hand. Now what do I do?

The water source for the village

Another village welcomes Mr. Elder Wasuita

shows the native clothing

Village, water will serve

water users committee

Nepali food. masala chicken, rice, vegetables

interesting gentleman Mike met. He carried a
big knife in his belt.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lamjung Village Development Projects

June 14 and 15 the Wasuitas and the Valentines went to the Lamjung District to an inauguration  for one of the projects in the Village Development projects. We went to check out the bio-digesters that are being constructed to help villagers use animal waste to create methane gas to cook with and get rid of the fires and smoke in their homes. We also saw latrines that were completed. Goal to have every home with a toilet. It was a long bumpy road, but we always see interesting things. We weren't planning on a ceremony at Besishahar, but the people there were. We got so many tiki blessings that day and it was so hot, the red paint was running down our faces. Oh, the fun adventures of Nepal.

At the restaurant we ate at, they asked us which country we were from and
they brought a flag for us and one for them. It was an outside restaurant and
the view was wonderful, and so was the food.

woman collecting water at a tap stand.
They carry water in a jug called a Gaagari. Mike bought
one in Ausin bazaar to take home.

Village woman. Thatched roof on rock home.

Chris and I checking out the bio-digestor

Jim Valentine standing in the bio digester. They were a lot
bigger than we thought.

hot plate hooked to gas hose to cook with inside of home.

Dome on gas collector of bio digester. when completed, the round part
is all buried underground. Very interesting process.

Just wanted to show you this lady's wide brimmed sun hat.

At the ceremony. It had been a long day.
A lady danced during the ceremony. It is kind of like hula.
They tell a story with their hand movements.

On to Besisihahar to check out how they hook the pipe
together to put in the trenches for distribution of water.
They melted it.
They are putting in meters at each home, so they know
how much water they are using. Pretty sophisticated for Nepal.

These beautiful women were waiting for us up by the water
tank to have a ceremony. We weren't dressed for this.Oh
well, we went anyway.

Put on a smile and one more round of tiki. We love Nepal!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mukti Chetra water project opening ceremony

June 13, 2014 we held an opening ceremony for a water project in Mukti Chetra. This area is down in the terai or flatland. A lot of women in colorful saris and kurtas showed up for the ceremony.  It was Mike's turn to talk and he always has our partner Rakesh interpret for him. Well Rakesh was talking on his cell phone and didn't realize he was suppose to be interpreting, so when Mike finally got his attention he made him tell the audience  if Mike was Rakesh's father he would take his cell phone away. They all laughed. Then as we were walking back to the car I had my umbrella open to protect me from the hot sun and one of the ladies came up behind me and took the umbrella and hurried it to put over Mike, like he was more important than me. We had a laugh over that one.

staying cool on a hot summer day

women washing at a tap stand

the women and Mike

the ceremony begins

villagers listening

participating in the ground breaking and blessing

lots of women

spinning wool into thread. glad this isn't my job.

can't resist those cute babies