Monday, October 27, 2014


July 6 and 7th, 2014  Mike went to check out a water project which we are suppose to start in 2015, but which no one had been to the site yet. It is almost to the Tibet border and he didn't know if he would have to hike or if there would be a place to stay the night, so I did not go. Our water monitor for the project Chandra Adhikari went with him and also the director for the partner NGO Hari Dhungana went and a friend of his. They had quite an adventure. Mike came home with blood on his underwear in two places where he had been bitten by leeches. They had bad roads and had to wait while someone winched a vehicle up out of the canyon. The people welcomed him with banners and even gave him 2 authentic hats they wear to bring home.

Landslide across the road

A river along the way

welcome with cottas(scarf) and flowers
the man on the right is Hari Dhungana

Children came too

They should have welcomed LDS Charities not honor
Mr. Elder Wasuita. Somehow they got the
wrong message. I think they were very appreciative
to have someone help them to get water.

waiting while this jeep was winched back up onto the road

looking down at a river in the bottom of the mountains. Parbatakunda
is very high up in the mountains.

muddy mountain roads. what a mess. Only 4 wheel drive
vehicles can go here.

A big track hoe had to pull buses and big trucks through
a deep muddy spot in the road.

A pretty river along the way

winding road to the top of the mountain

A village woman pouring some drinking alcohol in Mike's
hand. Now what do I do?

The water source for the village

Another village welcomes Mr. Elder Wasuita

shows the native clothing

Village, water will serve

water users committee

Nepali food. masala chicken, rice, vegetables

interesting gentleman Mike met. He carried a
big knife in his belt.

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