Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mukti Chetra water project opening ceremony

June 13, 2014 we held an opening ceremony for a water project in Mukti Chetra. This area is down in the terai or flatland. A lot of women in colorful saris and kurtas showed up for the ceremony.  It was Mike's turn to talk and he always has our partner Rakesh interpret for him. Well Rakesh was talking on his cell phone and didn't realize he was suppose to be interpreting, so when Mike finally got his attention he made him tell the audience  if Mike was Rakesh's father he would take his cell phone away. They all laughed. Then as we were walking back to the car I had my umbrella open to protect me from the hot sun and one of the ladies came up behind me and took the umbrella and hurried it to put over Mike, like he was more important than me. We had a laugh over that one.

staying cool on a hot summer day

women washing at a tap stand

the women and Mike

the ceremony begins

villagers listening

participating in the ground breaking and blessing

lots of women

spinning wool into thread. glad this isn't my job.

can't resist those cute babies

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