Thursday, September 18, 2014

Young Men and Young Women Activities in Kathmandu Branch

Mike was asked to help the young men with activities and I am helping with young women. Mike arranged for the boys to go to an indoor football field(aka soccer) and they had a great time. Then in August we hired a van and took the youth to the Fun Valley Water Park, which is about 45 minutes outside of Kathmandu. They enjoyed playing in the water and going down the slides and experiencing the ocean wave pool. Then it decided to rain and we went inside for food. The rain stopped and they went out and enjoyed the amusement park rides. It was a fun day for all and on the way home most of them fell asleep. Can you believe we wore them out.

reading the rules

A few nonmembers came too. Fun activity

Young women leaders and 2 of the girls

Prasab and Jeevs

Sister Smina putting sunscreen on her brother Jeevs

enjoying the water and the slides

Where's Mike? Not hard to find in the wave pool.

waiting to get on the rides

Most of those who came. Mike is taking the picture.

ride home. We wore them out. Time for sleep.

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