Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rajesh Hamal Wedding Reception May 28, 2014

Rajesh Hamal is the brother of one of our NGO partners Rakesh Hamal. Rajesh, is a very famous movie star and celebrity in Nepal.  Everyone knows him. He finally decided to get married. He is like over 50 years old and his now wife is about 27 so big age difference. We felt very privileged to be invited to the reception. We had met Rajesh a couple of times before at Rakesh's home. Understanding now that Rajesh and his wife Madhu live there too. Anyway, it was a fun evening with paparazzi, beautiful gowns, and lots of interesting food. The Himals are a great family. We met their three sisters, one is a doctor in the U.S. , one a dentist in U.S. and the third is a Dr. in Kathmandu. They visited with us and are such nice people. Rajesh and his wife treated us kindly and invited us to have a picture with them. It was fun to dress up and go out.

Valentines and Wasuitas outside our apartment before
we left for the event.

Hallway outside the main room in the Hotel where the
reception took place.

Paparazzi taking pictures of the bride and groom and family.

Madhu Bhattarai and Rajesh Hamal(center) and guests

Betty and Mike Wasuita with the happy couple.
The bride is very beautiful.

Rakesh and Sunilla Hamal
brother to the groom
our partner in NRSD, Safa Sunaulo,
wheelchairs and helping babies breathe
Great Guy!

people mingling at the reception

Roasted turkeys
part of the dinner buffet

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