Friday, November 7, 2014

More daily life in Kathmandu

Just some random pictures of Kathmandu. I'll try to explain a little under each photo.
A little girl helping her mom roll out bread dough for
the morning at a local canteen(place to eat on the street)

Supposedly a mailbox. I sure wouldn't put in mail in it. Also
notice the wonderful muddy streets. Thats how it is when it rains.

gentleman washing his feet off in the puddle

One of many shoe repair stations. A policeman brushing
the dust off his shoes. This repairman poked a hole in Mike's
belt and Mike gave him like $1.00. He sits on a corner we
pass by most everyday and always smiles and says "Nameste"

Man carrying baby chicks in his basket for sale. Not sure how
that basket stays on his head. Those chicks have got to be
moving around. Also lots of motorcycles in Kathmandu.
Cheaper mode of transportation.

Little boy in front of a knife sharpening machine. They
pedal it like a bicycle. I need to take a few knives to get

These are like  plates they grind their grains into flour on.
These were for sale.

Dinner at restaurant with our mission president and his
wife (Peter and Kelly Sackley) other missionaries on
left (Jim and Chris Valentine)

Rug we purchased for our apartment

I think he has a load of yarn on his rickshaw.

This is jack fruit.Very seasonal fruit here. I didn't get to taste it, but
Mike did and he said it kind of tasted like bananas.

A cute elderly Nepali woman we see on our street

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