Monday, April 28, 2014

Besishahar and Sundarbazar Trip Jan15,16, 2014

We went to Besishahar to see how the water tank project was progressing and then the next day we went to Sundarbazar to do an evaluation on the water project there. We do 6 month and then 12 month evaluations before we can close the project. It was beautiful country and always something new to see.

The process of drying the grain after the harvest. Put it in the sun

This lady was getting her hair dyed outside of
the restaurant and hotel we ate lunch at

stone path to get up to the water tank at Besishahar

terraces and colorful house along the pathway to the water tank

water tank progress and Mike in his new winter hat.
The water committee presented us with leis of marigolds

Gateway Hotel, where we stayed the night in Besishahar.
Not too bad.
First time I've ever seen rice patties.

momma and baby goats. Those baby animals are so cute!

Chandra Adhikari(a water monitor) with Sister Wasuita
small water tank at Sundarbazar
Another water tank at Sundarbazar
that is the LDSC logo on the tank
Not enough room in the bus, ride on top.
Not me!
River with huge boulders

Plowing the fields. Glad this is not my job.

Another first. We stopped along the road and bought sugar
cane to chew on. It was pretty tasty but made your jaws
hurt after a while.  The man on the left is our jeep driver.
The girl was selling the sugarcane.

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