Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hetauda wheelchair distribution trip Feb. 2014

The Mendenhalls invited us to go on a wheelchair distribution to the southwest of Kathmandu, to Hetauda. New countryside to see and feel the gratefulness in the recipients lives to receive a wheelchair and have mobility. It was a very rewarding trip.

Leaving the Kathmandu valley

top of the mountain

chairlift across the valley they used to move things
This must be our driver

Hauling wood and food for the goats. There are some strong
women here. They work hard.
A special Hindu day where they have to carry water to a specific
place and pour it in the river. Don't imagine I'll be able to learn
about all of the Hindu rituals. Too many.
pony cart that we had a ride in.

Wheelchair recipients

congratulating wheelchair recipients. Each one was
also given a nice blanket.
we bought chicken sekuwa
sort of barbecued.

Dentist office we found in downtown Hetauda

Another wheelchair distribution

beautiful river on the way back to Kathmandu

trying to pass another vehicle on the narrow mountain road
It's a pretty tight squeeze. Just close your eyes.
We stopped to buy some carrots. They have really good carrots,
very sweet. Also had some fresh squeezed carrot juice.
It was good too. Notice the scale they use to weigh the carrots.

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