Monday, May 26, 2014

Chilaunepani distribution of hygiene kits Feb. 2014

We took Panna Khadgi our water monitor with us to Chilaunepani to two different schools in the mountain villages to deliver hygiene kits to the children and teach them about washing their hands and how to stay healthy.  We taught them a cute song in Nepali about washing their hands. They were so excited. You would have thought it was Christmas. It was a very fun and rewarding day. So thankful we can share our love , knowledge and the church's humanitarian money in such a great way.  I love the children here. They are so innocent and kind and respectful. It was a great day in Nepal!

Water users committee and extra hands we had to carry
the bags of hygiene kits up the mountain. We were grateful
for the help.

hiking the trail up to the school

School children greeting us with Namaste
This is their classroom
Time for ceremony

Wanted to show our LDSC logo and our banner
to show correct hand washing.

Handing out the hygiene kits
Included 2 hand towels, soap in plastic box,
4 toothbrushes, toothpaste, and 2 combs
Big pig, not very far from the school building.
We enjoy seeing the animals here too.
Elderly lady outside her home on the trail.
We liked her goats too.
2nd school we went to the children greeted us by putting flower
leis around our neck. I think they had spent the morning stringing
all the flowers. They were pretty excited to see us.
I think Mike had 16 leis and I had 13. Almost covered up his
Time for the ceremony. Some of the water committee members
gave a speech and Mike talked for a few minutes with
an interpreter.

Handing out the hygiene kits.
Each bag has an LDSC sticker on it
and inside a sheet with hand washing instructions
on it.

Children going home from school with kits.

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  1. I love seeing all of these pictures! Makes me miss you guys so much :(