Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dudhekunua 2014

We were invited to an opening ceremony for the Dedhekunua water project. We still do not have the
project approved yet and can not give them money but they wanted to have their ceremony, so we went. They are excited to have water. It was Jan.4, 2014  They were anxious to greet us with leis and treated us like royalty. It was an interesting ceremony. They had someone bless us with tiki twice and bless the ground and do prayers and symbolic ceremony that invites the Hindu Gods to bless this water project.  Afterwards they fed us lunch.

Valley along the way to Dudhekunua

homemade cooking stove at roadside restaurants

man selling warm peanuts at Mugling

weaving sleeping mats out of rice husks Not thick enough for me.

during ceremony


participating in ceremony

lunch after ceremony

bags protect the crops from the cold weather

stopped along the road to buy fire cooked corn. It was not good.
Won't do that one again. Some things you have to try only once.

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  1. So many great adventures you'll never want to come back to dull old Utah! We miss you like crazy :)