Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chilaunepani and Ramkot

We went to Chilaunepani May 15, 2014 to check on the water pipe. It has to be extra strong to with stand the pressure. The water will be pumped up the mountain to two different reservoirs, then gravity fed to the communities. At Ramkot, they were pouring the concrete to make the dome on the water tank. It was very interesting to see the process. May 16, 2014.

This is how they heat the oil to repair the roads. Build a fire under
the 50 gal. drums. What a job!

Trench ready for pipe to be laid at Chilaunepani

Thick walled pipe to withstand the water pressure

Mike found a friend. A long eared goat. Yes that is me in the
background with my shades on and my summer hat. Chris
Valentine on the side.

Mike at the water source in Chilaunepani

Rebar and forms set to pour concrete for roof on water tank
at Ramkot project

loading gravel to mix with cement  at Ramkot

Concrete mixer. Wheelbarrow catches concrete.

Hauling concrete to the tank. They dump in a big pile, then
shovel it onto disks that they dump on the roof one at
a time.
Putting the concrete on the tank. It was interesting to watch.
It would take all day long to get this roof covered.

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