Friday, August 1, 2014

Trip to Jiri for Wheelchair distribution May 2014

Jiri is a long way from Kathmandu. We rode for 7 hours and spent the night at Charikot (awful hotel), then the next day wound around the mountains for another 2 hours. It was a beautiful valley. The Switzerland of Nepal. Actually some swiss people wanted to make it into a Swiss resort and cheese factory, but it didn't work like they anticipated.  They do have a helicopter pad where things are flown to base camp for Everest. It was a fun adventure and always humbling to see the people who come from long distances and hard circumstances to receive wheelchairs. There was a girl there who did not receive a wheelchair, but had no use of her hands and demonstrated how she could write her name with her toes. People are amazing, what they can do with so little.

Harvesting the wheat

Bundling the wheat

Drying the wheat

Plowing the fields

Oxen waiting to work

Flour Mill. It uses the stream for power

Stone mill to grind flour. Inside
the building above.

Cherikot, town we stayed the night at.
Betty A., Mike and Chris Valentine.

Chris V. and Betty signing in at check station. Have to show
passport and tell where you are going.

Hospital in Jiri where we held the wheelchair distribution

Wheelchair recipients and families.

beautiful Jiri Valley

feeding his cattle

Man carrying his plow to his field

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