Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ramkot and Dhulikhel Water projects

Both of these water projects have huge water tanks to provide water to the surrounding areas. We hope to have them both completed by the middle of 2014. The water comes from mountain spring capture.
They are about 30-45 minute drive from Kathmandu valley. so not too far.

looking at the spot where the volunteers have dug out for  the water tank to be built at
Ramkot.  Our partner is Choice Humanitarian and Vivint sent some volunteers to work here.
Ramkot's water users committee. Very friendly nice, guys.

trenches dug for pipe at Ramkot

Water tank at Dhulikhel. They just need to lay some
connecting pipe.

Terraced farmland near Dhulikhel

LDSC plaque to put on water tank at Dhulikhel. Nepalese words

Mike and a member of water users committee standing inside the water
tank at Dhulikhel.
two cute Nepali girls near the Dhulikhel water tank.

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