Friday, February 27, 2015

Kathmandu activities

Betty A. walking across our branch chapel. Showing you the
new carpet, Elder Wasuita was the instigator to get it installed.
Good job Elder!

Great place for a nap! downtown, Kings Way.

Shopping for vegetables. The brown looking things are yams.
I haven't tried them. They look like old pieces of wood.

My saranghee lesson in Thamel. It's harder to do than it looks.
Lots of practice, which I have not been doing.

Beautiful mountains in the early morning at Besishahar.

Sister Wasuita and our good friend Bishnu Adhikari on a
walking bridge in Besishahar.

Handing out hygiene kits at a school in Besisihahar. Love the

Another Himal picture in Besishahar

Kathmandu Branch New Years's party at a cafe. They were
having fun dancing.

Mike and I helped deliver hygiene kits to a children's hospital
It was too sad to see the sick children and the hospital smelled bad.

meat shop. This goat was a little disjointed now.

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