Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deschain and Tihar October 2015

During the month of October is a big festival time for the Hindus. It is a happy time for families to go back to their villages.  A time for big feasts, new clothes, gifts, etc. kind of like Christmas for us. They celebrate with a light festival. They put up bamboo poles and create swings. The children fly kites and they create out of wood a kind of ferris wheel. It is only in this month, then they take them all down. They decorate their homes and business with marigolds. They string them up and then leave them up for a long time. sometimes till the next Deschain. It is good luck.

Ferris wheel in a village.

A swing. It is strong enough for adults to swing.

herding goats.  walking tree behind

Security guard (Shem) at our apartment. 1st day of holiday
you plant grain or grass, then on the 10th day you pick it and wear it
behind your ear. Symbolism.

A double headed raincoat and motorcycle cover for when
it rains in Nepal.

Billboard suggesting  stop the abuse!

Elder Wasuita swinging. Needed a push to get going.

Jim and Karen Greding (our technical specialists from Cal.) were
here in October. We showed them most of our ongoing
water projects. Beautiful Nepal!

Young girl carrying water home. The silver container
is called a Gagri. Mike is bringing one home.

Bishnu Adhikari family
Bishnu, Mangila, Jeevs, Smina, and Rebecca

Tihar in Besishahar. The kids line the streets to sing
and dance. They don't let vehicles pass unless they
give them money.

Kids in Besishahar. Mike got them to sing Resam firiri. Such
posers. All kids are the same.

What a dangerous way to travel. No room inside
the vehicle. Hang on outside.

Beautiful mountains in Besishahar

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