Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kathmandu floods

In September 2014 we had a lot of rain and one of the families in our branch Utpadi and Santi Garung's home was flooded very badly two different times. The branch helped them clean up and then the drains near our apartment building were plugged and the water filled up the parking garage and damaged the electricity and water to our building. We did not have power for 2 days. Then they put up substitute power. Like a big extension cord. They still have not  fixed the regular line. We ended up cleaning out our fridge and giving food away and staying the night at the Shambala Hotel. Always a new adventure in Nepal.

Utpadi showing me where the waterline was.

sweeping out the mud and water with a
straw broom. They have no handles.

Elder Valentine and other branch members cleaning up

Inside damage

Storm drains burst. Plastic bags and garbage plug up the drains.

Mike with his broom going to help

Force of water took down fences.

Flood waters next to our apartment building.

Flooded home near our apartment building.

this shows the parking garage under our apartment building.
There are two  levels. The water is almost to the top
of the bottom level.
they couldn't find the owner of this vehicle so it could be
moved so it was totally covered with flood water.

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