Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trip to Chitwan

December 2,3,4,5,6 we went on a wheelchair distribution trip to areas around Chitwan. While there we visited Rakesh Hamal's family farm, sewing centers for the disabled, we visited Lumbini(which is the birthplace of Bhudda), we visited the Chitwan National Animal Preserve, where we rode the elephants and went to a cultural program, and hiked to see baby elephants and these huge elephants with long ivory tusks. We went to two wheelchair distributions. It was a very interesting week. Always a new adventure in Nepal.

sewing center. trainer is in wheelchair.
My first Kurta outfit, in front of hindu temple

water pump, Rakesh Hamal, his family farm

Kitchen at the family farm

Hay, farm fields

wheelchair distribution

wheelchair distribution

"Dreamland"  Hotel we stayed at 2 nights

Van and driver Mahindra
We had accident. A motorcycle hit us head on. He lived. Not fun.

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