Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chilaunepani and Tibet Border

November 26, 2013 we went on our first trip out of Kathmandu Valley.  We went to a water project near Chilaunepani. We saw beautiful green fields and terraces and mountains.  We went on bumpy steep roads in a jeep. We went up the mountain and saw two water tanks, then went down to the bottom to the water source. It was a great adventure.  The Mendenhalls went with us. Afterwards we kept going and went to the Tibet, China border.

Tibet, China border

Hauling a bale from one truck to another at the Tibet border

cabbage fields along the road

load of hay (made from rice stalks after harvest)

Looking down the valley. Above the clouds.

Children walking to school

Water tank at Chilaunepani, Panna Khadgi(water monitor) on
left. on right water committee member

near water source

Pipe near water source

Water Source

Sign along the road

Hindu worship temple in the mountains

Separating the grain from the chaff. The vehicles help the

Working on the roads. They were terrible.

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