Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Alters with fires
Pashpauti is a crematory for the Hindu in Nepal.  The body must be burned within 24 hours of death. There are certain rituals that are performed before the body is burned.  They had lots of alters where they build fires and then put the body on it. They put a stick in the person's mouth and then light it. There is a Holy River there and many come to it.  Also there are Holy men, who are painted up and look a little crazy who will give you a blessing and let you take their picture if you give them money. A very interesting place.

preparing alter fires

Mendenhall's relative with Holy Man
Sister Wasuita with Holy cows in Pashpauti
Holy River at Pashpauti


  1. Kind of creepy!!!! But love seeing the pictures :) Love you!!

    1. Yah it is kind of creepy! One of those places you only need to see once.